DaLong Wang

True art, originates from the desire to create as well as true humanity and sensitive hearts.

-----Preface of Wang Dalong ’s personal painting exhibition in 1993




Some says that, looking at one¡¯s work could understand the person. That¡¯s reasonable.


Sone says that, looking at his work reminds people of words like ¡°beautiful¡±, ¡°moved¡± or ¡°like but undescribable¡±.


His artistic creations cover sculpture, traditional Chinese painting, oil painting, photography and installation art. The works are outstanding with original perspectives, rich in contents and mature, and present unique modern romanticism style.


Wang Dalong was born in Shenyang in 1969 and held his personal painting exhibition in Liaoning Province Art Museum in 1993. At that time, he was the youngest painting artist who held an independent exhibition in Liaoning Art Museum since its establishment. Wang returned to Beijing in 1995 for freelance creations.


He is like a devoted follower of a religion who believes that art is ¡°the reality loyal to soul, and art creation shall adhere tothe ¡°greater beauty¡± principle where beauty and ideological content coexist¡±. In the practice of artistic conception and creation, he has always insisted on independence, purity and ideological content. That is why his work has less kitsch and flattering but more sincereness and affection, Meanwhile, since his work and creations are relatively independent, he has the opportunity to think from outside the paintings which enabled his work to be merged with deeper sense of the society and better variety in presentation. Therefore, we could usually see his work presenting sincereness and depth, unexpected creation, boldness, as well as being well controlled, sensitive, rich in content and outstanding.


This type of creation method does not only make his artwork more pure but also his creations more unique, deep and significant.


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