Group Sculptures ¡°Game¡±--Introduction

People¡¯s passion in life and desire for peace and joy are all modest, spontaneous and derived from the bottom of their hearts. Group sculptures ¡°Game¡± use metaphor and symbolic creation techniques to turn an ancient human game into a mutual dream and game of all life forms, and they also present people¡¯s eternal wish for peace and happiness. People regain beautiful memories, respect, mutual trust and friendship by interacting with the sculptures. Meanwhile, the sculptures also expressed attention to the economic development of today¡¯s world as well as peace and environmental issues. The sculptures use a way that is closer to heart for inspiring people¡¯s awareness on ¡°mutualism¡±.

The work¡¯s unique perspective interpreted the constitutive relationship and internal spirit of the world. The work reminds us that: ¡°harmonious mutualism is the essential theme of this world; mutual respect and love is the founding stone which makes the world a better place; the loss of love, trust and belief is the most dangerous thing in this world; and only mutual understanding, mutual trust and friendship could keep our world running on a positive cycle.¡±

Extended presentation of the current world¡¯s economic conditions

Bear, has always been there! And human, needs intelligence!

The current world¡¯s economy is experiencing a slow downturn (aka. ¡°bear market¡±). Another meaning of this exhibit is to deeply analyze the world¡¯s economic problem from an artist¡¯s perspective, which is to ¡±interact with crisis; make friends with crisis; learn from crisis; and face the economic crisis with a intelligent and relaxed attitude¡±.


ExhibitionTheme: Game Mutualism

Touch hearts with work of art; establish thinking via interaction, demonstrate the complexity of this world and the conflicting mutualism relationships; discuss the communication and presentation of emotions, as well as illustrating attitudes.


Launch a cultural and spiritual journey that applies contemporary romanticism to focus on human survival. The work uses beautiful art to provide another way of thinking and solution on resolving human¡¯s mutual problems (e.g. Culture vs. Economy, Trust vs. Misunderstanding; Conflict vs. Equality). It uses beauty to awake passion, uses art to awake responsibility, and remind people to pay attention to the society¡¯s overall survival and development status quo. The work also encourages people to reposition and think the relationship between every life and the world so people could recall memories and rethink the reality while keep exploring the unknown and maintaining expectations for the future at the same time.

This is a well known ancient game and no one knows when it first appeared. The joy and influence it has brought us, however, is already deeply rooted in our hearts.

Ink painting
Installation art





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